Pasture - Soil - Animal Balance

This is a complex and exciting field that Dr Warren has studied with a lifelong interest and passion.

The holistic understanding of the relationships between all facets of the environment, animal and management are manifest linking the performance of the equine athlete with the nutritional integrity of the soil and the quality of farm management. The simplicity of the nature of this sees Dr Warren involved in a number of differing enterprises in a range of areas, not just horses.

Dr Warren has studied Holistic Management and biological farming methods here and in both north and south America with a special interest in the relationships between soil balance and health in veterinary and medical science.

Dr Warren has a strong relationship with Dr Arden Andersen, a well known medical practitioner in the USA, who has travelled and lectured widely in Australia to our clients on biological farming and the links between healthy soil and healthy patients. Dr Warren has also studied Dr Dan Skow, a veterinarian who whilst having a large nutritional practice (sow and dairy) teaches biological agricultural principles and runs a soil laboratory and bio fertiliser business - International Ag Labs.

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Central Coast Equine Practice focusses on the performance equine athlete and its rider.
- assessing soil, plant, hair, blood