Pre-Purchase Exam

commonly referred to as
"Soundness Exam" or "Suitability Exam"

The aim of the examination is to provide information to the prospective purchaser on the health and suitability of the horse in question, relevant to its proposed usage.

Examinations may vary from a detailed clinical examination, where a thorough clinical appraisal of the horse is performed through to a more complex examination which may include endoscopy of the upper airway, radiographic and/or ultrasound surveys of one or multiple areas.

Examinations may be at your property, the vendors, or, under saddle at the racetrack or during performance including all disciplines; dressage, showjumping, eventing, and pleasure riding.

We conduct pre-purchase exams for a wide range of clients ranging from high value Thoroughbred racehorses destined to training centres in Hong Kong and other major centres, interstate trainers and bloodstock agents together with local pleasure horse owners looking for a clinical assessment and possibly together with an opinion as to suitability.

Hong Kong Jockey Club
Macau Jockey Club
Malaysian Racing Association

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