X-Rays - Radiography

Radiography is a diagnosic tool we often use to help assess lameness or injury in horses. X-Rays are regularly included as a requirement for purchase exams and for export to various countries as well as a pre-requisite for some of the Thoroughbred sales throughout Australasia.

State Of The Art Equipment:

Digital Radiography
has been a huge boost to our diagnostic process with increased efficiency in obtaining quality images. The equipment is very fast and clients and veterinarians can see the images a second or two after taking it. Any retakes are done immediately.

We really like this equipment, which whilst the plate and lead are quite vulnerable we manage by tranquilise the patients before starting to X ray them. They cost more than an expensive car. The system we use is manufactured in the USA by SoundVet.

Best of all is that the DR technology gives superior quality images. Images that are very clear with margins retaining sharp contrast which allows us to detect small problems not always visible on traditional film x-rays. The computer allows the image to be magnified and manipulated, adjusting brightness and contrast when examining potenital areas of concern. DR radiography means more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes.

All that is required is a power supply and a reasonably even surface to stand the patient on. A quiet environment is important to keep the horse calm. We generally sedate the horse to protect patient, equipment, handler and operator.

- superior quality images
- images can be seen 5 seconds after taking
- images can be reviewed on larger screen back in office
- we can perform retakes immediately if required
- exam time is reduced
- images are automatically labelled with patient details
- images can be stored on CD or memory stick
- images can be emailed to referral specialist opinions