Endoscopy is regularly performed on the upper airway to look for a number of conditions including:

(i) laryngeal hemiplegia (grossly deficient abductor function of one or both arytenoid cartilages)
- at yearling sales it may be defined that fails are only Grade 4 & 5 (Lane - Bain Fallon Proceedings 1993)
(ii) rostral displacement of the palatopharyngeal arch;
(iii) epiglottice entrapment;
(iv) persistent dorsal displacement of the soft palate;
(v) arytenoid chondritis or chondroma; or
(vi) sub epiglottic cyst(s)
(vii) cleft palate

The conditions above form the basis for immediate post-sale examinations of yearlings at the major yearling sales where the sale can be cancelled if these conditions are found.

Additionally in general practice there are a number of other conditions seen, including;
- ethmoid haematomas
- purrulent discharge from lungs in the trachea
- blood stained discharge from lungs
- tracheal obstruction

Our general ambulatory practice uses a fibreoptic scope whilst at the yearling sales when working as part of Equine Endoscopy Services we use a digital video endoscope and record the images digitally on a computer. Images and reports can then be emailed to purchasers and their own veterinarians as required.