Equine Podiatry

No foot - No horse

We take a Team approach to working with our farrier. The regular communication between vet and farrier allows a better outcome for managing problems and the athletic function of each horse.

We use our digital x-ray system to ensure pedal bone alignment and pathology is clearly defined

Barefoot Trimming
- many horses do not need to be "shod" and can be trimmed to natural balance
- this is based on the desired level of athletic performance and the condition of the horse's feet at the time
- we have run courses, at Bell Farm, Mangrove Mountain, with Andrew Bowe and Brian Rourke, who are both Master Farriers who also teach Barefoot Trimming.

We have horses ourselves, some are "shod" and some are "barefoot".

Make a consult today to discuss your horse's shoeing and trimming for performance and longevity.